Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pole the other one

The Guardian Online is asking readers for their tips on Krakow, a fantastic city that eight of us descended upon like a bunch of beer-hungry Vandals just before Christmas.


My favourite comment from the Guardian article was this one, from a chap (I'm presuming it's a chap) who obviously thinks of himself as the Polish Arkan
"Never come to Krakow. Enough of all these foreigners in Poland. We are not uncivilised barbarians like the other Slavs. We need no pity from foreigners. Leave our country now and never return."
There's no excuse for racism, obviously, but maybe this is part of the reason the guy is so pissed off....

I, of course, behaved like an angel.

In the beginning...

OK, right. Hmmm. I can't do any fancy-dan stuff yet like put pictures on the blog or even a list of links, but I might as well start to put up some content till I learn how. That could take some time.